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Our mission

Are you eager to grow and develop your business?

Creating and building businesses is our passion. Above all, as a parentcompany we are holding and supporting a group of tech companies.

We take great pleasure in following the growth of our customers and partners in their increased profit and efficiency. We have an almost embarrassing passion for finding the possibilities within sustainable tech, efficiency, conversion and control. We enjoy watching how that delivers both growth and results.

With the user at the center of our focus we use tech, business know-how and design combined to maximize the success of our projects. This is how we create good possibilities for more successful companies and organizations.

The group

Spin Growth
always finds a way

Spin Growth is a group of companies with a mission to deliver real business development. Are you looking for employment opportunities, does your company need help solving a problem or do you have an idea for a startup, or do you want to join the Spin Growth group with your company?

Get to know our subsidiaries:

These companies all form part of the Spin Growth Group and we are constantly expanding and adding new companies that we would love to present to you soon!

Tromb Shaping and developing the future with digital business development – expertise in system development, strategy and design.


Substorm We make Intelligent Automation and AI available to our customers by lowering the entry threshold and offering concrete and understandable solutions that generate business value.


Cloudspin Optimizes your cloud, infrastructure, Audio Video environment and hardware supply to maximum efficiency.


T22 We enjoy cooperation so much that we started our own co-working-space.


Affiliated Companies

Are you looking for a travel companion on your journey as an entrepreneur? We are always curious to tag along. We offer our competence for free – or actually – you pay us with shares in your company.
Part of spin growth

Business development

Sharing business development

We have done a lot, we like to share what we have learned. Therefore, we offer ourselves for any needs such as corporate governance, business models, digitalization, brand strategies, financing and capital raising.

I guess you can say that we help you focus on your idea and product, and we take care of whatever necessities you need


Own products – to help sharpen your business

During our journey we have built some products that we think can be useful for your business. Anyway, it's useful for us.

HR-system: Gives you control of everything that’s not in the business system.

Web-platform: Our own web platform, setting up your new web in no time.

Recruitment app: Our own app for recruitment.

RPA platform: Prepared configured RPA plattform that makes you create your own digital worker real quick.

Agreement system: If you like to take control of your business agreements we have the solution.

AR/3D-engine: Combining the analog and digital worlds into an immersive AR tabletop Gaming experience.

We also have our own methods to get you going with digital planning & strategy, Machine learning and RPA discovery, innovation, design.

Building our dream company

It all started with an idea to build a kick ass tech development company. We agreed to only employ people with good energy, people we like and people we would love to hang out with on a Saturday. Everything after that has been based on our basic value - a company where we would love to work ourselves.

Seeing possibilities in every situation – taking responsibility, being honest, curious, brave and nice - to ourselves, our customer and our environment.


Get in touch with us

Anders Hallberg

Anders Hallberg

CEO Spin Growth

+46 (0)70-360 05 25 LinkedIn

Tobias Mård

Corporate Development Manager

+46 (0)70-650 68 80 LinkedIn

The other companies

Karin Sjöö-Åkeblom

Karin Sjöö-Åkeblom

CEO tromb

+46 (0)70-361 76 16 LinkedIn
Sofi Elfving

Sofi Elfving

CEO Substorm

+46 (0)70-359 40 68 LinkedIn
Hans Lindkvist-Bodlund

Hans Lindkvist-Bodlund

CEO Cloudspin

+46 (0)70 565 77 88 LinkedIn
Fredrik Stöckel

Fredrik Stöckel


+46 (0)70-390 66 50 LinkedIn